Bill to Improve Conditions for Female Inmates


By Christopher Zoukis Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and three co-sponsors have introduced S. 1524, the “Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act,” meant to improve the treatment of female federal inmates who are the primary caretakers of children. The bill, proposed July 11, would require the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to…

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Inmate Admission and Orientation in Federal Prison

new prisoners arriving at receiving at a prison

By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons has approximately 200 institutions, which consist of federal prisons, prison camps and contracted private prisons, each of which use similar orientation procedures for new arrivals. Referred to as Admission and Orientation (A&O), the process is designed to acquaint new arrivals with local…

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U.S. Counter-Terrorism Unit Targets Virginia Prisoner for Writing About Prison


Petersburg, VA – A Virginia prisoner, prisoner advocate and author was recently targeted by the U.S. Counter-Terrorism Unit for his writing activities. “I’m a U.S.-born citizen with no ties to any terrorist organization, I don’t understand why I’m being targeted like this,” says Christopher Zoukis, a current inmate at FCI…

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Security Levels in the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Over 200 people, approximately 50 community groups and organizations, and families of prisoners rally at CORCORAN State Prison in support of the world wide prisoner hunger strike which began in Pelican Bay State Prison and has rallied prisoners around the world.

By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates 125 stand-alone prisons, 68 satellite prison camps, and has contracts with 13 private prisons. In total, the federal prison system houses 188,722 inmates within five different security levels: minimum, low, medium, high and administrative. BOP institutions are further divided into five…

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Censorship in the Federal Bureau of Prisons


BOP Attacks Incarcerated Writer Christopher Zoukis, Again By Kamea Zelisko Christopher Zoukis is no stranger to censorship by Federal Bureau of Prisons officials. Those who write from prison often have to contend with interference and retaliation at the hands of prison officials. They are thrown in solitary confinement, transferred to…

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