Prison Publication Will Get BOP Documents and $420K


By Christopher Zoukis Fourteen years ago, the nonprofit monthly magazine Prison Legal News filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking the Federal Bureau of Prisons for documentation of how much money the BOP had paid out over an approximately seven-and-a-half-year period (from 1996 through the end of July 2003)…

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BOP Education Program Revamp in Doubt as Chief Sacked


By Christopher Zoukis In its waning days, Obama administration officials announced plans to expand education efforts in federal prisons and to provide more direction and oversight to the programs previously run separately at each facility. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced in late November that for the first time, the…

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Bureau of Prisons Announces New Civil Commitment Review Policy


By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons has announced a new policy concerning the certification and civil commitment process for federal inmates. While civil commitment is nothing new for federal prisoners, the new policy better outlines the process, stages and elements for review. This new policy is detailed in…

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Georgia Executions Resume, Inmate’s Firing Squad Request Denied

collage-2017-05-30 2

By Christopher Zoukis The state of Georgia, which carried out the highest number of executions in the nation last year, putting nine convicted criminals to death, recorded its first for this year May 17 by administering a three-drug lethal injection protocol to J.W. Ledford Jr., a criminal who spent years…

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Departing House Chair Wants Probe Into “Egregious” Misconduct at Federal Prison


  By Christopher Zoukis The soon-to-depart chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says the panel will investigate how the Federal Bureau of Prisons has handled what he terms “egregious” misconduct at the U.S. Penitentiary in Coleman, Florida, the largest government-run detention facility. In Mid-May, Rep. Jason Chaffetz…

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Sessions Reverses Predecessor’s Memo Easing Drug Crime

coplights handcuffs

By Christopher Zoukis In a policy memo issued May 10, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told federal prosecutors he was rescinding “inconsistent” guidance his predecessor, Eric Holder Jr., issued four years earlier on what information should be included in filing drug charges. Holder’s policy, issued in August 2013, changed Department of…

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Bonds Used to Finance Private Prisons, Jails Turn into Junk

Finally free

By Christopher Zoukis The promise of safe, humane and less costly prisons has been used for decades by the private prison industry to sell its products. As prison populations skyrocketed, local, state and federal governments became convinced that financing and building more and more correctional facilities was the way to…

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