Preparing for Prison

Zoukis Prisoner Resouces (ZPR) is an unbiased, non-partisan prison consulting group.

Federal Prison Handbook

The Definitive Guide to Surviving Federal Prison in the U.S.

Life After Prison

Halfway Houses, Reentry, Creating a Support Network. Preparing for a Successful Release.

Prison Survival Guide

Your First Day, Communicating with the Outside and More. Get the information you need for surviving prison.

Federal Prison Experts.

Locate a Federal Prisoner

Federal Prison Consultants

Our Federal Prison Consultants

Are you or a loved one going to federal prison, or going to be released from prison soon? Are you looking for someone to help provide guidance about finding an excellent attorney, obtaining a compassionate release, surviving prison, or life after prison? If so, you’ve come to the right place.
Nobody plans to go to prison. Zoukis Prisoner Resources is here to help. Created and run by former prisoners, prison consultants, lawyers and other experts on prisoner rights, ZPR is an unbiased, non-partisan prison consulting group offering resources for those going to prison or getting out of prison. Call 843-732-1740 to speal with a federal prison consultant today.

“Zoukis Prisoner Resources provided down to earth, real information and resources me and my family needed to know prior to my prison sentence. I don't know how I would have made it through without them."
—ZPR reader

Going	to Prison


Are you facing a conviction or preparing to go to prison? We offer support for individuals and families prior to sentencing and prior to prison, as well as prisoner supports.

US Prison Survival Guide


The Prison Survival Guide section answers common questions and concerns prisoners face before facing time behind bars, including preparing for prison, unwritten prison rules, first day in prison, things to do in prison and more.

Life After Prison


ZPR offers resources and support for those getting out of jail. Find information related to life after prison, including information on early release and supervised release options, release planning and reentry assistance

American Prison Programs & Resources


Resources for people going to jail, their family and loved ones, attorneys and prison consultants. Information on federal incarceration including RDAP, programs available for prisoners, top attorneys and our Inmate Locator Tool.

  • Inmate Locator Locate an American prisoner quickly and easily using our Federal Prison Inmate Locator
  • Federal Prison News The latest in federal prison news and updates.
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  • The Prison Education Guide is the most comprehensive guide to correspondence programs for prisoners available today.
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