Prison law blog FAQ

Q. What is the Prison Law Blog?
A. The Prison Law Blog is an online platform for the dissemination of news, advice, and other forms of information concerning America’s criminal justice system, in particular information about prisons, prison law, and prisoners’ rights. While we do focus a significant portion of our attention on the Federal Bureau of Prisons, we also provide coverage to matters that concern state prison systems, too, and initiatives spearheaded by like-minded advocacy organizations.

Q. What issues does the Prison Law Blog cover?
A. We strive to provide coverage to everything impacting prison law and prisoners’ rights. This includes topics such as:

  • Access to the courts
  • Conditions of confinement
  • Free speech
  • Official retaliation
  • Prison disciplinary hearings
  • Medical treatment
  • Administrative remedy programs
  • Religious freedoms
  • Solitary confinement
  • Issues specific to female prisoners
  • Mail censorship
  • LGBTQ prisoners, and many others.

The Prison Law Blog attempts to provide coverage to every issue of interest to the prison law and prisoners’ rights communities. If there is a topic you feel we haven’t provided ample coverage to, Contact Us and we will rectify the oversight at once.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog limit its coverage to U.S. corrections or provide coverage of issues abroad?
A. While we started by providing coverage primarily to news of prisons, prison law, and prisoners’ rights in the United States, we have since greatly expanded our coverage. We now report on news from countries like the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, Brazil, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, and dozens of other countries. As the news breaks, we deliver. We are able to do so in large part due to our content syndication agreements with several third party content production sources.
We are unabashedly pro-civil rights, and view ourselves as advocates for constitutional treatment for all.

Q. Is the Prison Law Blog pro-prisoner or pro-prison administration?
A. We are unabashedly pro-civil rights, and view ourselves as advocates for constitutional treatment for all. Often this means we find ourselves on the pro-defense side. With this being said, all our content is vetted by our talented editors and content curators, who are experts in prison law and prisoners’ rights. As such, we are able to discern the wheat from the chafe. This and our no-holds-barred, honest bent, allows us to impartially report on the news that matters to our readers. At the same time, we believe our commitment to accuracy in our content certainly makes us useful to readers on all sides of the correctional equation.

Q. Who is the Prison Law Blog’s primary audience?
A. As we have grown, we have found that there are several distinct demographic groups who regularly read and enjoy our content. These groups consist of attorneys, prison consultants, prisoners’ rights organizations, families and friends of prisoners, prison educators, prisoners, prison administrators, and members of the news media.

Q. How popular is the Prison Law Blog?
A. We are proud to say that we have several thousand enthusiastic readers each month who, on average, read several pages of content each time they visit. We are also delighted to report that we’ve garnered several thousand Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Clearly, our work is well received by a growing audience.

Q. How does the Prison Law Blog support its operations?
A. The Prison Law Blog is a proud recipient of continued funding from Middle Street Publishing, a South Carolina nonprofit devoted to social justice. Middle Street Publishing (MSP) is the brainchild of philanthropists Suzan and Stephen Zoukis and supports the operations of,, and MSP also supports a nationwide network of social justice advocates who strive to find ways to effect meaningful change in the world around them.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog only operate outside of the prisons or does it also connect directly with prisoners?
A. We are pleased to report that while we support several worthwhile organizations which advocate for prisoners’ rights that do not actually connect with prisoners, we are not one of those organizations. We take our message directly to the prison populations, as we do for those outside of prison through the Prison Law Blog website. This direct outreach is fulfilled through our Prisoner Newsletter, which is distributed through, a monitored prison email program.

Another organization we strongly support is Prison Legal News (PLN). PLN is a monthly magazine which focuses on prison law. If you know someone in prison, do them a favor and buy them a gift subscription to Prison Legal News. PLN has been delivering useful, important news to prisoners for a long time and such a gift will be appreciated, and probably shared by many. Subscriptions can be purchased at or by writing Prison Legal News, P.O. Box 1151, Lake Worth, FL 33460. Subscriptions are $30 per year for prisoners, $35 per year for non-incarcerated individuals, and $90 per year for lawyers, government agencies, and corporations.

Prison Legal News

Q. Who contributes to the Prison Law Blog?
A. We are blessed to have a number of very prolific contributors to the Prison Law Blog. Many of these contributing writers are brought to us through syndication agreements with third party content producers and writers who submit articles for publication consideration. We also have a team of dedicated Prison Law Blog staff writers, which is lead by Christopher Zoukis.

The Prison Law Blog is proud of our affiliation with these writers in particular because they have been touched by America’s broken criminal justice system. As such, their contributions are not merely content, but life. They bring life and soul to this project through their personal experiences with the criminal justice systems which compel them to demand change.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog accept unsolicited submissions?
A. Absolutely! From the very first day the Prison Law Blog has been envisioned as a community resource for those who interact with, and strive to reform, America’s criminal justice system. As such, we love receiving submissions from readers and others who have something important to say. Please read our Submission Guidelines to learn more about our needs.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog accept submissions from prisoners?

A. Gratefully so. Prisoners can make their submissions through our Contact Us page.

Q. Is the Prison Law Blog on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?
A. We certainly are. After all, these are the new age grassroots advocacy movement’s platforms of choice. We can be found at the following locations:

Q. How can members of the media get in contact with the Prison Law Blog staff for a comment, interview, or a quote?
A. Christopher Zoukis generally handles media inquiries. Contact Chris by using our Contact Us form.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog accept donations or other monetary contributions?
A. Prison Law Blog does not itself accept monetary donations due to Federal Bureau of Prisons’ regulations concerning conducting a business. We’re no stranger to retaliation from the BOP. In particular our lead contributor Christopher Zoukis has dealt with direct retaliation from the BOP due to his writings and advocacy endeavors. As such, everything we do has to be in the mind of keeping Chris safe and able to continue on with his needed work. However, there are other ways readers can contribute.

Christopher Zoukis is the author of many books which can be purchased directly through amazon.

Christopher Zoukis is the author of many books which can be purchased directly through amazon.

Donate NowIf you want to make a tax-deductible donation to a worthy cause, we highly recommend Prison Legal News (PLN). PLN is, according to their own words, “an independent 64-page monthly magazine that provides cutting edge review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings and news concerning prison-related issues.” We love PLN and the tremendous work they engage in. In fact, Prison Law Blog contributor Christopher Zoukis is a PLN contributing writer!

Q. Where is the Prison Law Blog headquartered?
A. The Prison Law Blog team has been strongly influenced by globalization. As such, while Middle Street Publishing is headquartered in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, the other team members are scattered throughout the United States. Team members are located in Charleston, South Carolina, Petersburg, Virginia, and even Canada.

Q. Does the Prison Law Blog have volunteer needs or opportunities?
A. We most certainly do! If you are looking to make a difference in the world of the incarcerated or want to find a way to effect meaningful change in America’s criminal justice system, please Contact Us. We always need volunteers!