Personal enrichment programs can include anything from yoga to financial management and personal discipline.

Personal Development

Personal enrichment correspondence programs help prisoners expand their minds with education targeted to a particular interest. These courses tend to be less intense and more of an elective variety than traditional career courses. They can be equated with free Bible studies in almost all ways except they are not religious-based.

Personal enrichment courses span everything from yoga and meditation to financial management and personal discipline. These courses help prisoners expand their minds in a simple and easy manner.


There’s really only one factor to consider when taking a personal enrichment course.

  1. What the prisoner wants to learn about. If they like gazing at the stars, then perhaps an astronomy course. If they want to become physically fit, then a personal training or fitness course might be the answer. And if they want to expand their vocabulary, then a vocabulary building course is a great option. There are lots of topics — both sedentary and physical — that can be learned and put into practice.

Recommended Personal Enrichment Programs

There aren’t a lot of offerings in the personal enrichment level of correspondence study. We feel confident in recommending the following programs. They provide a good topical breadth and are sure to interest many in American prisons.

Personal Enrichment Correspondence Programs for Prisoners