Boston Mobster Slain Within Hours of Entering New Prison

Whitey Bulger killed in prison beating

By Christopher Zoukis Notorious Boston gang chief James “Whitey” Bulger was found murdered in his cell at the federal high-security prison in Hazelton, West Virginia on October 30, the morning after being arrived there from a Bureau of Prisons transfer center in Oklahoma City. Bulger was the chief organized crime…

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Nebraska High Security Prison Chaotic After Error Causes Cell Doors to Open

Cell Doors open at Tecumseh State Correctional Institute in Nebraska

By Christopher Zoukis Shortly before 10:00 a.m. on September 7, 16 single-occupancy cells in a restrictive housing section of Nebraska’s top-security prison, the Tecumseh State Correctional Institute, unexpectedly opened. The cause of this irregularity was not certain, but a computer error in the system which controls the cellblock doors was…

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Texas Non-Profit Helps Felons Start Their Own Businesses

Inmate reform

By Christopher Zoukis The Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP), a Texas-based non-profit formed in 2004, assists inmates convicted of felonies to prepare for life after prison by developing skills and character, finding post-release employment, and eventually making a success with their own businesses. The group’s current CEO Bryan Kelley is a…

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Virginia Pays $100K to Settle Suit over Inmate Suicide

Dai'yaan Longmire obituary picture

By Christopher Zoukis On November 8, 2014, 19-year-old Dai’yaan Longmire was an inmate in Virginia’s Indian Creek Correctional Center in southern Chesapeake, placed in solitary confinement during the third year of a four-year term. He was serving time after pleading guilty to a total of five felonies and two misdemeanors.…

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Department of Justice Finds Higher Recidivism Rates for State-Released Inmates


By Christopher Zoukis The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has taken a new look at recidivism rates for inmates released from state correctional institutions; the new study found recidivism rates over longer periods of time are higher than previously thought. Its new analysis, “2018 Update on Prisoner…

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Foreign-Born Are 21% of DOJ Prisoners; 94% Are Here Illegally

By Christopher Zoukis Mark Twain once famously maintained it could probably be shown through facts and statistics that there’s “no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.” What then would that celebrated observer of Gilded Age corruption and criminality make of the facts and statistics recently released by the Departments…

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Inmate Program Reviews in Federal Prison

Inmates in a New Orleans prison yard

By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons employs a wide variety of methods to create and maintain personal files on an inmate population of approximately 187,000 individuals. Some of the data contained in each file is static and is gathered from sources such as an inmate’s Pre-Sentence Investigative Report…

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