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What happens when you get out of prison? Learn about halfway houses, re-entry, creating a support network and more.

Life After Prison

What happens when you get out of prison?

In this section we discuss topics related to life after prison. Click any of the below for more information:

  • Halfway House Maximization: Zoukis Prisoner Resources will assist you in securing maximum halfway house time through a variety of means.
  • Home Confinement Maximization: Prisoners who are soon to be released, or who are already in halfway houses, will often seek maximum home confinement, also known as house arrest as an alternative to remaining in the halfway house. ZPR can help you secure maximum home confinement placement.
  • Reentry Assistance: Re-entering society can be a challenging and overwhelming time for inmates, as they consider where they’re going to live, how they’re going to make a living and other day-to-day realities of life after prison. ZPR can help.
  • Release Planning: There are many things to consider surrounding a release from prison. ZPR will help you and your family put together a plan which outlines your needs and how to fulfill them.
  • Supervised Release Reductions: Following a term of federal imprisonment, most federal prisoners are required to spend a number of years on supervised release. Zoukis Prisoner Resouces can help seek a reduction in the term of supervised release.
  • Creating a Support Network: Many federal prisoners lack a healthy support network to rely on for when they are released. Zoukis Prisoner Resources can help inmates in creating a support network after they are released from prison.

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