By Christopher Zoukis
Today we at the Prison Law Blog (PLB) are announcing a new kind of post.  A new series, if you will.  Up to this day, we at the PLB have presented articles in standard, third-person reporting fashion.  We have not written about ourselves, per se.  The reason for this is because the distant voice lends itself to objectivity; even if our objectivity is a tad bit opinionated.  In an effort to become more personal — to show what life really is like in federal prison — we are going to be doing some blogging concerning personal matters.  This way our readers can get the full flavor of the prison experience.

Upcoming posts will revolve around a number of more personal matters.  Like prison dental problems, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) pursuits, ongoing litigation that PLB members are currently engaged in, legal assistance we are providing to our fellow prisoners (which we provide for free as a matter of principle!), and even daily frustrations.  Prison life is a life of strife and conflict.  It is also a life of absurdity and comedy, at times.  While we will aim not to rant, we will try to provide true doses of prison life; true, unadulterated, life inside a federal prison.

If you have topics which you would like to see the Prison Law Blog cover, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or any of our posts.  We are very receptive to such interaction and aim to be of service however we might.  Likewise, if you know of anyone who has questions concerning prison life, the criminal justice system, or other topics within these arenas, please refer them to the Prison Law Blog, where they too can make their voices heard and have their questions answered by commenting on posts.

Let’s start this series off with a bang.  If there are any questions which you’ve been seeking the answer to or if you have any topics you’d like to see addressed, add a comment below.  By commenting, we’ll be better able to tailor our services to your needs.

About Christopher Zoukis, MBA

Christopher Zoukis, MBA, is the Managing Director of the Zoukis Consulting Group, a federal prison consultancy that assists attorneys, federal criminal defendants, and federal prisoners with prison preparation, in-prison matters, and reentry. His books include Directory of Federal Prisons (Middle Street Publishing, 2020), Federal Prison Handbook (Middle Street Publishing, 2017), Prison Education Guide (PLN Publishing, 2016), and College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons (McFarland & Company, 2014).

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