Federal Prison Consulting Services

Federal Prison Consulting Services


Prisoners, their families, and their services providers, such as criminal defense attorneys and prison consultants, have many questions about federal prison, and often don’t know where to get answers. Our experienced federal prison consultants provide a variety of detailed prison consulting services and informational resources.


Prison Consulting Services | Federal Prison Consulting Services

Whether you need help preparing for federal prison, resolving problems while in federal prison, or assistance with reentry or supervised release needs, we can help. Our prison consulting services can assist defendants at any phase of the federal criminal justice process. Email [email protected] for a free case consultation.


Please note that while we offer various levels of consulting services at differing price points, we also offer a simplified issue-based service where we will briefly address (within 30 or 45 minutes) one issue on the phone or in an email for only $150. We used to address these matters for free, but due to the volume of such calls and the time required to provide an adequate response, we now need to bill for such consultations.

Our Federal Prison Consulting Service Process


From the moment you contact us, our focus will be on you and your unique needs. There is no one-size approach to helping someone prepare for a period of incarceration. This is because every person is different and needs a different prison consulting services approach. As such, we start by learning about you, what your concerns and fears are, and how we can best help.


Our Prison Consulting Approach: Informational Foundation and Individualized Consulting


After understanding who you are and your unique needs, we then launch into our informational foundation phase. Here, we combine a strategy of providing you with quality reading materials about federal prisons and talking with you about the questions that come up that are specific to you and your needs. The reading materials largely consist of the Federal Prison Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This book is authored by Christopher Zoukis, our lead federal prison consultant. Having read this book, you will have a much better idea of what is to come. But equally as important, this book will spur more questions that are unique to your circumstances.


From this point we delve into the real prison consulting services work. We will speak with you about what security level you will likely be housed at, what prisons you are most likely to be designated to, how to greet cellmates for the first time, how to deal with questions about your crime and circumstances, and much more. An important element of this phase is to help you both prepare for conflict and for success. This is all part of our prison preparation services.


Preparing for Conflict and Success


We help you prepare for dealing with conflict by explaining what conflict looks like in the prison culture. By knowing trouble areas, you will be able to better avoid them. We will also talk with you about what to do if confronted by conflict or violence. Our goal here is to help you avoid conflict and mitigate it if it arises. Avoiding violence is often the best option. We'll teach you how.


Your plan for success is just as important. Often our prison consulting services clients talk to us about their fears. While important, after a few weeks in federal prison, the larger concern will turn to what to do with your time. This is an area where we really thrive. Our lead federal prison consultant, Christopher Zoukis, earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees while in prison. He also authored several books, thousands of articles in the mainstream media, and more. Chris will use his experiences in education and productivity in prison to help you do the same. Want to further your education? Write a book? Take classes offered by the prison? Work out? Find a purpose in federal prison? Chris can help.


Prison Consulting Services After Sentencing


After you have your informational foundation in place and your plan for success, our federal prison consultants will be there for you and your family every step of the way. We'll be there helping your family understand what is going on, how to add money to your commissary account, how to visit, how email and postal mail communications work, and more.


For you, we will be your sounding board; helping you to make good decisions and resolve issues as they arise during the term of your incarceration. Our prison consulting services don't end when you enter the federal prison gates. When you have a healthcare problem and the prison isn't treating it appropriately, we will call and write letters to the health services administrator. If you are charged with a disciplinary code infraction, we will walk you through it, draft your statement to the Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) and/or Disciplinary Hearing Officer (DHO), and handle all appeals. If you want to transfer closer to home, we will explain the policy, draft a request to be submitted to your case manager, and walk you through all of the steps. These are all part of our in-prison matters services.


Why You Should Choose Us for Your Federal Prison Consulting Services Needs


Having been through these experiences ourselves, we know what you will go through, what problems are likely to present themselves, and how to make your time as smooth, successful, and productive as possible. While plenty of people make it out of prison alive, our goal is to help you thrive during your period of federal incarceration. With our federal prison consulting services, you can do just that.


Email [email protected] to speak with a prison consultant today.


Resources to Get You Started


While we do bill varying rates for our individualized prison consulting services, we also believe that everyone -- regardless of ability to pay -- should have access to quality information about federal prisons and life therein. With this ideal in mind, we have developed a significant amount of content which talks about all areas of life in federal prison. This supplemental information is provided for free below and throughout this website. But if you want to truly set yourself up for success, you need the individualized prison consulting services of an experienced consultant. We hope that you will consider us.


Click any of the links below for more information on any of our federal prison consulting services. You can also read about our federal prison consultants on our About Us page.

Prison Preparation

Are you facing the prospects of serving time in a federal prison? If so, our prison preparation services can help you get ready for a term of federal incarceration. Our consultants will answer all of your questions, help you lay the essential informational foundation from which to make good decisions in prison, and enter prison as ready as possible.

In-Prison Matters

For those already in a federal prison, our team of consultants can help resolve issues which arise. Charged with a disciplinary infraction? Want a prison transfer closer to home? Not receiving adequate medical care? Want more halfway house or home confinement placement? Interested in seeking a compassionate release? We can help.

Reentry Services

Are you or a loved one close to being released from prison? We can help you with reentry planning, maximizing halfway house and home confinement placement, resolving issues with supervised release, and more. Talk with one of our prison consultants today to help with reentry needs. We can help make the reentry process as smooth as possible.

Help for Prisoners' Families

Inmates aren't the only ones who serve a sentence when they go to prison. Their families also suffer and must contend with challenges. If you have a loved one who is either heading to prison or already there, contact us. We can explain what is going on, how to best support your loved one, and resolve issues as they come up.

Our Consulting Fees

Our prison consulting services are priced according to the difficulty and amount of time required for each service. For most services, we offer either a custom project price or rely on a standardized fee scale. You can see our prices here. Also note that we offer brief, single-issue consultations for only $150 per issue.

Prison Survival Guide

Prison Survival: How do you prepare for a period of incarceration? What's the first day like? What's health care like in federal prison? How do you go to the bathroom or shower? Get answers to these and many other real-life questions about life in federal prison.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources: If you are interested in learning more about federal prisons and what to expect, we recommend that you read the Federal Prison Handbook. We have also developed free resources on this site to help get you started.

Have questions about the federal prison consulting services or resources provided by Zoukis Prisoner Resources, or do you have a resource you'd like to see added? Contact us! You can also email [email protected] to speak to a federal prison consultant today.