One area where attorneys can be very useful to incarcerated clients is in the submission of advocacy letters. Advocacy letters are letters sent to targeted federal prison officials designed to motivate them to either take or refrain from taking an action. For example, your client might be facing a prison discipline proceeding and need more firepower on their side. Or perhaps they have a medical condition that isn’t being treated. We can directly contact the appropriate BOP official who has the power to make a decision in your client’s favour.

In order to create an effective advocacy letter, you must have excellent communications skills, an excellent ability to write and you must be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. For this reason, some attorneys choose to hire a third party to help them either draft such letters or write the letter on their behalf.

The staff at Zoukis Prisoner Resources will discuss all of the aspects of advocacy letters with you, including your needs, and the needs of your client. We will then conduct thorough research on the issue at hand and draft a letter or email for you to submit on your client’s behalf.

These types of letters are useful in many areas (see our in-prison services list), but only if they are on-point with policy, federal regulations, and case law. Through our advocacy letters, we will brand any attorney as a prison law expert and fulfill your client’s objectives.

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