Many criminal defense attorneys seek publicity for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is to attract attention to certain cases or clients. However, most attorneys and firms are often challenged by how to go about attracting attention and publicity to their case.

With relationships and hundreds of published articles to our credit, with The Huffington Post, Prison Legal News, New York Daily News,,, and other major trade and news outlets, Zoukis Prisoner Resources is uniquely situated to provide publicity for criminal defense attorneys and their firms.

Our team of experts will discuss your needs, draft a publicity proposal for what we feel would be appropriate, and, after your approval, engage in the publicity plan.

Through our extensive criminal justice network and quality professional relationships we will bring much-needed attention to your firm and your firm’s practice areas. We can also ghostwrite prison law articles and books (either popular or technical) for you to add your name to and our firm to seek publication for.

Likewise, we can write articles and then become a co-author with you (or even interview you and publish the interview) for enhanced exposure through our news network.

To learn more about our publicity services for criminal defense firms Contact us.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources also offers publicity for incarcerated clients and crisis public relations services.