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What is Prison Like?

If you’ve been handed a prison sentence, you probably have a list of questions wondering what is prison like and no one to answer them. The unknown is one of the scariest parts about going to prison, as people hear downright scary stories about prison life and what its really like.

There is also a lot to do in preparation for time in prison – you may be wondering about your finances, you might be considering taking self-defense or other prison preparation programs

Pre-Prison Sentencing Consultant

Zoukis Prisoner Resouces (ZPR) is an unbiased, non-partisan prison consulting group providing resources and consulting services for those going to prison, or the loved ones of those going to prison. Some of the members of our team have spent significant time in prison themselves, so they understand your fears and are able to answer your questions with real, concrete, down-to-earth answers that will help you better prepare for your prison sentence.

You can also find detailed information about life in prison in our Prison Survival Guide section, which covers everything from eating in prison to special prison survival tactics.

If you have questions about prison life that aren’t included on this site we encourage you to Contact Us for one-on-one consulting services or to answer any of your questions.