Preparing for Prison | How to Prepare for Prison


If you or a loved one have been charged with a federal offense and are facing a prison sentence for the first time, you're most likely nervous, maybe scared, and don't know what to expect. You might be wondering how to prepare for prison. There are a lot of questions and concerns related to going to prison, and not nearly enough thorough resources out there to help guide you. This is where the services of a prison consultant can be invaluable. Our consultants can help you with preparing for prison. Email us at or call 843-620-1100 to speak with a prison consultant today.


Answers in Your Darkest Hours


The first step to conquering your fear about incarceration and preparing for prison is to seek out reliable information on the topic. At the Zoukis Consulting Group, we've been there and can teach you everything you need to know to build a strong informational foundation. This foundation is key to preparing for prison. By understanding what is to come, you will not only alleviate much of the fear and anxiety you are currently experiencing, you will also build a knowledge base from which to make good decisions in the prison context.


How to Prepare for Prison


While there are many schools of thought concerning how to prepare for prison, at the Zoukis Consulting Group, we find that building an informational foundation about federal incarceration is the best starting point. As such, when you hire our firm, we start by taking a three-pronged approach. First, we speak with you to fully understand your unique situation and needs. Second, we provide you with detailed reading materials about all facets of federal incarceration so that you can quickly get up to speed on the subject. And third, as you read the provided materials, we have a series of consulting sessions where we answer all of your questions and provide emphasis on topics of immediate concern.


While there are videos and podcasts out there about preparing for prison, we find it best to provide individualized counseling supplemented by quality reading materials. The individualized counseling sessions allow us to directly answer your questions and provide personalized prison preparation services based on your unique needs. And the background reading materials allow you to prepare for prison even outside of consulting sessions. Coupled together, this results in a highly personalized, yet economical solution to prison preparation.


Federal Prison Topics Covered


For our prison preparation clients, we start by discussing your most immediate concerns. Usually these include personal safety in federal prison, how to prepare for prison, how the self-surrendering process works, and what to expect on your first day. With these basics out of the way, we then delve into more nuanced topics. For example, we discuss inmate housing units, medical care, inmate work assignments, disciplinary matters, recreation, and more.


During your consulting sessions, you will learn about these broad categories of information:


  • prison security levels Preparing for Prison | How to Prepare for Prison
  • where you will likely be housed
  • types of prison housing
  • how to communicate with your loved ones
  • what you can buy at the prison commissary
  • how to obtain healthcare and psychological care
  • recreation opportunities
  • prison work assignments
  • educational classes
  • and more


In addition to these broad categories of information which largely apply to everyone preparing for prison, we will also discuss with you more specific matters which are unique to your personal situation:


  • how to greet a cellmate for the first time
  • how to address what you are in prison for
  • strategies for avoiding conflict and violence
  • how to occupy your time in prison
  • how to seek a favorable prison placement
  • how to handle your finances
  • how to serve the least amount of time possible
  • and more


While the above lists are certainly not comprehensive, this unique blend of broad and specific information will allow you to understand what is to come and how to handle situations even before walking through the prison gates. This is how to prepare yourself for prison in an intelligent and proactive manner.


While there are a number of nuanced topics to discuss, over the period of a few weeks, we find that we can effectively and thoroughly prepare our clients. Our approach not only teaches you how to prepare for going to prison; it cements an informational foundation in your mind which allows you to avoid problems and have as smooth of a period of incarceration as possible.


How to Prepare for Going to Prison: Our Prison Preparation Objective


Our objective when preparing you for prison is for you to walk in on Day One already knowing what is going to happen, and having the right informational foundation in place from which you can make the best decisions possible. For those who have never done time, the culture and style of interactions in prison can be jarring. When in an unknown place with unpredictable people, making good decisions can be difficult at best. But with a strong understanding of what is to come, problem areas likely to present themselves, and an action plan, you can even build a life behind bars. Prison doesn't have to feel like prison. We can help you learn how to prepare for going to prison, and then we'll help you learn how to build as pleasant a life in prison as possible.


Why You Should Hire Us to Help You Prepare for Prison


Our team at Zoukis Consulting Group is led by Christopher Zoukis, a noted federal prison expert and criminal justice book author. In addition to serving 12 years in federal prison and being quoted on prison matters in USA Today and Detroit Free Press, Chris is the author of Federal Prison HandbookPrison Education Guide, and College for Convicts, as well as a contributing writer to major media outlets, including Prison Legal News, Huffington Post, Criminal Legal News, and others.


In addition to writing extensively about life in federal prison, Chris has established himself as a federal prison policy expert who has a reputation for integrity and quality work. When you hire the Zoukis Consulting Group for help with preparing for prison, you gain a valuable ally who will be there for you when problems arise and who knows the federal regulations and prison policies which govern prison operations as though he wrote the book on the subject . . . because he did.


Accolades aside, you should hire us because we have significant experience in successfully helping people just like you prepare for prison. In addition to this, we answer our phones, respond to emails, and are available to help you right now. Don't continue living in fear of what is to come. Speak with our federal prison consultants today to start preparing for prison. The sooner you start preparing, the better off you'll be when it comes time to enter prison.


Get Help Preparing for Prison Today from a Prison Consultant


If you want to prepare for a term of federal incarceration, don't hesitate. Contact us today. Our prison consultants stand by ready to assist you in your time of need. We are ready to teach you exactly how to prepare for prison. Email or call 843-620-1100 to speak to a prison consultant today. Taking the time today to prepare for your incarceration can make all the difference. Let us help you prepare for going to prison so that when you go, you can make the best choices possible and serve the easiest time. And don't forget to see our other prison consulting services and fee structure.