Self-Surrender Status

Self-Surrender Status

Many federal  prisoners aren’t delivered to prison by police or other correctional officers. In fact, much of the time prisoners are permitted to deliver themselves to a particular prison to begin their sentence. This is a practice known a self-surrendering.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources can assist you in securing self-surrender status. We’ll promptly review your personal and criminal history to determine if you qualify for pre-trial release. If so, we’ll work with defense counsel on securing release and advise you of the benefits of being assigned self-surrender status (which enables you to not only prepare for prison, but also results in a reduction of security points and can result in you being placed at a lower security federal prison in the first place).

In addition to these service offerings, we’ll also help coordinate with you when it comes time to self-surrender at your designated prison, even driving you to the prison’s front gate, if so desired.

Contact us for more information on self-surrender and self-surrender status.


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