By Christopher Zoukis

It is with great pride that I address the Prison Law Blog readership today concerning updates on several exciting fronts.  The last several weeks have been a whirlwind for us at the Prison Law Blog.  It’s often said that someone comes to success seemingly overnight.  Yet those in the know understand that this is not the case; instead, success is a result of a cumulative and concerted effort over time.  Well, it finally appears as if the hard work on the part of the Prison Law Blog staff has finally paid off.  Today I’d like to share with you several pieces of exciting news which promises to turn the Prison Law Blog into the powerhouse that we all know it can and should be.

McFarland and Company Book Deal

Perhaps the most exciting news concerns my text, College for Convicts: The Case for a Safer, More Prosperous Country.  After several months of searching and submitting the College for Convicts manuscript to a number of publishers, we recently entered into contract negotiations with McFarland and Company, a very large nonfiction publisher based in North Carolina.  McFarland is a supporter of prison education and, thus, has expressed an interest in the text.  After several rounds of discussions, they’ve agreed to publish College for Convicts.  While the deal has not yet been inked, we anticipate this to occur within the next two weeks.  This will result in the cause of prison education being spread throughout academia and into public policy circles.  College for Convicts will become the de facto leading text concerning the topic of educating prisoners and should easily find a home in libraries across the world with the expert assistance of McFarland and Company.

Salkind Literary Agency

The next piece of thrilling news comes from the Salkind Literary Agency.  After months of submissions and discussions, Greg Aunapu, an agent at the Salkind Literary Agency, has agreed to represent all of my future nonfiction work.  These works include books on prison survival, prison fitness (in conjunction with fellow federal prisoner and former U.S. Field Hockey national team goaltender Todd Broxmeyer), and even a text which profiles every prison within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (of which we are already in discussions with North Law Publishing concerning).  With the backing of Greg and the Salkind Literary Agency, my future nonfiction projects should find homes at much larger publishing houses, thus expanding the Prison Law Blog’s advocacy network and reach.

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