Things To Do In Prison

 Federal prisoners can pass the time with education, exercise or other prison activities.

A Day in the Life of a Prisoner

While people in the general population tend to think in terms of days or weeks, prisoners tend to think in years. For many prisoners, particularly those who are serving long-term sentences, time spent in prison can move incredibly slowly, especially if you don’t have anything to do. For a day in the life of a prisoner, filling up your time in prison is an essential task, and it’s recommended you spend your time doing positive activities that can help keep your mind busy and even assist you in becoming a productive member of society upon release. Below is a list of some of the common things to do in prison to pass the time.

Things to do in Prison

Inmate Work Assignments: After Admission and Orientation, all inmates are given a work assignment depending on what’s available and the prisoner’s skills and experience.

Inmate Education: Federal prisoners are required to enrol in the GED program if they don’t have a high school diploma. There are many other educational opportunities within federal prisons.

Inmate Recreation: Every federal prison has a Recreation Department where prisoners can exercise and engage in other leisure time programs.

Listen to music: One of the newer technological developments in federal prison is the advent of the TRULINCS computers and the supported MP3 player function.

Electronic Law Library:  all federal prisoners have access to the TRULINCS Electronic Law Library, enabling access to all public Federal Bureau of Prisons program statements, federal case law for every district and appellate court, case law from the Supreme Court and more.

Stay up-to-date on prison news through the email system: In an effort to help stifle the staggering disconnect of prisoners from the world outside of prison walls, and are entering into a partnership to help alleviate this disconnect.  The vehicle for this alleviation is a free news service for prisoners, which is provided through the email system.

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