Directory of Federal Prisons


The Directory of Federal Prisons profiles every prison facility in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Learn about location, security level, inmate culture, level of violence, and more.


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The Directory of Federal Prisons is the most comprehensive guidebook to Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities on the market. Not simply a directory of information about each facility, this book delves into the shadowy world of American federal prisoners and their experiences at each prison, whether governmental or private.

What sets the Directory of Federal Prisons apart from other prison guidebooks is the first-hand validation of information. Most prison directories provide basic information that is publicly available (e.g., security level, population number, location, etc.). This book is different.

While basic data is included, hundreds of current federal inmates have been surveyed and interviewed in order to ascertain the culture of each institution. This enables the Directory of Federal Prisons to provide information such as the level of violence; whether sex offenders, informants, or LGBT inmates can walk the yard; the status of prison politics and organized gangs; and what prisoners believe is good and bad about each facility. This intelligence is much more important to understanding each prison and the experience therein than basic directory types of information.

The Directory of Federal Prisons also includes a detailed discussion of the custody and classification system used by the Bureau of Prisons. This system determines how inmates are scored for security level and prison placement. Readers can use real Bureau of Prisons’ case management forms to ascertain an actual security score, thereby taking the guesswork out of security levels, housing determinations, prison transfers, and how Public Safety Factors and Management Variables impact placement decisions. This is the knowledge that only seasoned case managers tend to have.

In each facility profile, you will learn:

  • Basic data such as the sex of the inmate population, security level, and medical and mental health care levels.
  • Physical location and inmate mailing address.
  • Educational, psychological, vocational, and recreation programs available.
  • Notable incidents reported by the media (e.g., arrests, riots, significant fights, escapes, etc.).
  • Reviews by inmates currently at each facility, including information about violence, prison politics, who can walk each yard, and more.
  • And much more!

No one wants to spend time in a federal prison, but if you or a loved one must go, finding quality, reliable information about life on the inside is essential to a safe and productive stay. The Directory of Federal Prisons builds off the award-winning and bestselling Federal Prison Handbook‘s reputation as the leading federal prison survival guide. Not only will readers be able to understand all facets of prison life and how to remain safe, but they will also be able to evaluate each federal prison and its offerings, know if it is safe to walk the yard, and better evaluate and understand transfer options so that they can make the right prison placement decisions the first time.


Directory of Federal Prisons Professional Reviews

“As a federal criminal defense attorney for the past 28 years, this is one of the best books out there on federal prisons. It discusses not only each facility and what is available, but the process you go through when entering a federal prison. If you are facing a federal criminal case, working with an attorney familiar with the federal criminal justice system includes knowledge of the information contained in this book. It is an essential tool for lawyers and those who may face federal prison time. Work with a federal lawyer to get the best possible results and to find the best location to serve time should you be subjected to a prison sentence. This book will help ease the process. Knowledge is the key to dealing with these difficult situations.” – Marcia G. Shein, nationally recognized federal criminal defense attorney, Shein and Brandenburg (, Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), and Past President of Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


“Once again, Christopher Zoukis displays why his perspective is unique, insightful, and simply different than what is available in the print media. This work provides clarity and will help combat the profiteers in the market who prefer to leave one in the dark to capitalize on this very information. You will simply not get this detail of information and analysis from what is currently available in the market. It’s a must-read for advocates, attorneys, and academics to gain a better insight into the BOP.” – Jack Donson, nationally awarded retiree of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Director of Case Management & Programs for FedCURE, Chairman of the American Bar Association’s standing sub-committee on Federal Bureau of Prisons policy, and Marywood University adjunct professor of criminal justice


“Going to prison is terrifying, and finding reliable information about what a federal facility is like can be daunting. The Directory of Federal Prisons is a useful source of information that is often otherwise very hard to find. It’s the book you hope you never need, but if you need it, you’ll be grateful it’s there.” – Matthew Kaiser, Partner, KaiserDillon PLLC, 2018 Super Lawyer, Georgetown University Law Center adjunct professor, Past President of the DC Bar Association


“With his Directory of Federal Prisons, Christopher Zoukis has provided an invaluable resource to federal criminal defense lawyers, their clients, client families, and federal judges. Holistic counseling requires informing clients who are going to be sentenced to prison about what to expect. Proper advocacy often requires requesting a non-binding — but-often-followed — judicial recommendation to the Bureau of Prisons about what prison facility is best suited for a particular individual’s situation. Rich in detail, this Directory helps on both fronts, and will ease many minds.” – Subodh Chandra, white collar criminal defense attorney, Former Federal Prosecutor (AUSA), Former Executive Editor of Yale’s Law & Policy Review


“Christopher Zoukis has written an invaluable guide to our federal prisons, from security levels, to health care information, to locations and news items concerning every federal prison facility.” – Brandon L. Garrett, L. Neil Williams Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law and author of Federal Habeas Corpus: Executive Detention and Post-Conviction Litigation


Directory of Federal Prisons is an essential resource for anyone seeking information about the Bureau of Prisons and its facilities. It is detailed, concise, and meticulously researched. This is an invaluable handbook for federal inmates, attorneys, judges, consultants, journalists, or anyone seeking detailed information about the federal prison system.” – Chris Geel, federal criminal defense attorney, former Trial Attorney for Charleston County Public Defender’s Office, and former Appellate Division Attorney for Georgia Public Defender’s Office


“I have been a prison and sentencing consultant for over 19 years and have relied on countless sources of information about particular federal prisons so as to properly advise my clients. Most third-party sources are either inaccurate or outdated — until now. Christopher Zoukis’ Directory of Federal Prisons: The Unofficial Guide to Bureau of Prisons Institutions is thorough, comprehensive, and accurate. Every federal criminal defense lawyer should have a copy on their desk when their client is facing a federal prison sentence.” – John B. Webster, Managing Director, National Prison & Sentencing Consultants


“Christopher Zoukis has put together a very useful compendium of federal prisons across the United States. The Directory of Federal Prisons contains useful and hard-to-find information on each facility. It will be a valuable resource to researchers interested in following federal prison conditions, family members trying to stay involved with loved ones, and individuals who may be preparing for a prison stay themselves.” – Marc Morjé Howard, Professor of Government and Law, Director of Prisons and Justice Initiative, Georgetown University Law Center


“With the Directory of Federal Prisons, Zoukis has built an incredible resource for prisoners, their families, advocates, and researchers alike. This book is a model of how to systematically analyze institutions, incorporating official statistics and policies, government and media reports, and first-hand experiences of those within every single federal prison institution across the United States. It provides a strong foundation for maintaining this important information going forward, as well as an important framework for rendering our prisons more transparent.” – Keramet Reiter, Associate Professor of Law, University of California Irvine, and author of 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement and Mass Incarceration


“The Directory of Federal Prisons is a remarkable achievement. Zoukis provides a wealth of important, detailed information about the facilities in the Bureau of Prisons, including demographics, security levels, and the availability of programming and services such as education, vocational training, medical, and mental health care. Zoukis also interviewed inmates in many of the prisons to assess aspects like levels of violence, prison politics, gang activity, and vulnerability of certain inmates. The interviews provide invaluable insight into prison cultures. The combination of exhaustive profile information and the inside perspective from inmates themselves makes the Directory a must-read for attorneys, inmates, their families, and anyone interested in learning about the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.” – William R. Kelly, Professor of Law, University of Texas at Austin, and author of five books on criminal justice reform


“The Directory of Federal Prisons is an important resource for federal criminal defense attorneys, as well as their incarcerated clients. The book starts by providing an overview of federal prison operations and policies and then delves into detailed profiles of every institution. These profiles contain everything from basic information (e.g., contact information, security level, visitation information, etc.) to detailed information concerning programs available at each facility (e.g., medical care, psychological care, substance abuse treatment, education, recreation, etc.). One element of this book which is not seen elsewhere is the cultural information. Zoukis interviewed federal inmates at many facilities to discern the level of prison politics and violence amongst the inmate population, as well as whether it is safe for sex offenders, informants, and LGBT inmates to remain at each prison. Whether you have a client or loved one in federal prison, or are in federal prison yourself, this book is helpful in navigating a difficult situation.” – Mark Godsey, Daniel P. and Judith L. Carmichael Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law and Director of the Rosenthal Institute of Justice/Ohio Innocence Project


“Although titled ‘an unofficial guide’ to the Bureau of Prisons, this latest 628-page book by Christopher Zoukis should more properly be called ‘the definitive guide’ to federal prisons. It builds on his earlier work, the Federal Prison Handbook, to provide an even more comprehensive examination of the BOP. Have questions about medical care, mental health services or educational, job, and programming opportunities in federal prisons? This book has the answers. What are the guidelines for getting into RDAP, DRUG-ED, or NR-DAP? What programs are available for sex offenders? Where can I find BOP facility addresses, phone numbers, available programs (including UNICOR), reviews, and recent news reports? In this book. Questions about security points and classification? Same. Basically, the Directory of Federal Prisons is an exhaustive compilation of everything you could possibly want to know – and more – about the BOP, including things even federal prison officials likely don’t know.” – Alex Friedmann, Managing Editor of Prison Legal News, Associate Director of the Human Rights Defense Center, and President of the anti-private prison Private Corrections Institute


“This is essential reading for anyone who comes in contact with the federal prison system. Christopher Zoukis is not only an insider who spent time and learned the system from experience, but he shares federal prison information from the perspective of s writer who is dedicated to prisoners’ rights advocacy.” – Jean Trounstine, professor, prison activist, and author, whose latest book is Boy With a Knife: A Story of Murder, Remorse, and a Prisoner’s Fight for Justice


“This Directory is slam-bang essential for anyone entering federal prison or anyone whose loved one is entering. The book should be on the desktop of any attorney who counsels and represents citizens entering the criminal ‘justice’ system, to educate them and prepare them for the realities. It’s extensive, it’s exhausting, and it’s essential.” – Terri LeClercq, Ph.D., retired Professor of English Emerita, University of Texas at Austin and author of Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write


“What makes the Directory of Federal Prisons so impressive is how comprehensive it is. The first section is a detailed overview of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. A must-read for anyone (or the loved ones of anyone) about to enter the federal prison system. Even people incarcerated for years will find this section informative, as will attorneys. The bulk of the book provides descriptions of every prison within the Bureau of Prisons. Each prison profile provides official information. Policies, procedures, and what to expect are covered. Most importantly and uniquely, insights from the women and men serving time in every prison were gathered through interviews and questionnaires answered by hundreds of prisoners. This is an important one-of-a-kind resource. Congratulations to Christopher Zoukis and all whose dedication made it all possible.” – Lois Ahrens, Director of The Real Cost of Prisons Project and founding member of The National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls


Directory of Federal Prisons: The Unofficial Guide to Bureau of Prison Institutions is an invaluable resource for attorneys, families of inmates, and inmates themselves. The scope of this project is impressive, profiling every prison within the Bureau of Prisons from not only a program and directory information perspective, but also from an inmate’s perspective. Going beyond published information alone, incorporating experiences from inmates themselves makes this directory a one-of-a-kind resource.” – Dr. Marieke Liem, Associate Professor, Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University and author of After Life Imprisonment


“This is a must-have for anyone working with federal defendants and federal inmates. It is a comprehensive source of pertinent information that addresses the key questions defendants, inmates, and their families have regarding the federal prison system. This information will alleviate many of the concerns and much of the anxiety experienced by those facing incarceration.” – Richard Zaranek, President of Executive Prison Consultants


“The federal prison system is a confusing and labyrinthian archipelago of prisons, camps, and private institutions. In this excellent book, Christopher Zoukis provides a detailed guide to this system. He supplies general information about it, along with material about individual prisons throughout the United States. Importantly, Zoukis also includes the testimony of inmates who have experienced different institutions. This volume will be useful to policymakers and scholars studying the federal prison system. It will also be helpful to inmates and their families who are navigating a complex environment. I commend and admire Zoukis for his painstaking research and his deep knowledge of our penal system.” – Derek S. Jeffreys, Professor, Humanities and Religion, University of Wisconsin and author of America’s Jails: The Search for Human Dignity in an Age of Mass Incarceration


Directory of Federal Prisons is a resource that people in fed prisons and their loved ones need. As we know, the BOP transfers people to over 100 prisons throughout the country. This Directory will give you the ‘heads up’ info to know yourself before transfer as well as to share with your family and friends. – Charles Sullivan, President of International CURE

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