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Prisoner Statistics

While too much misinformation and too little awareness exists around the issue of inmate rights and prison reform, the statistics exist – and they don’t lie.


It’s no secret that America is facing a correctional crisis. Its prisons are overcrowded, with an incarceration rate hovering at 716 prisoners for every 100,000 citizens – the highest in the world.

One in every 108 adults in America was in prison or jail in 2012. The vast majority of inmates entered prison with substance abuse and mental health issues that continue, untreated and unabated, until they are released.

The nine million inmates released from custody in the U.S. each year will face tremendous hardship trying to return home. These convicts are uneducated, with few job skills, a criminal record and often nowhere to live. A staggering majority will commit more crimes – theft, drugs, prostitution, gangs, and violence – simply trying to survive.

In the links below, we explore the facts and realities about many aspects of prison law, prison life, and prison reform. For more or if you have any questions about the materials within these pages, please Contact Us.

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