“As a former practicing attorney, I can tell the difference between a worthy advocate and an incompetent jailhouse imposter. Having worked with Christopher Zoukis on several complicated issues, I have no doubt that he is the real thing. He is tireless in his pursuit of his clients’ goals, and possesses a treasure trove of information on BOP policy and federal criminal law.” — John P., Esq., New Jersey

“No one plans to go to federal prison. As such, when you find yourself faced with this distinct possibility, it’s hard to know where to turn. While I didn’t know about him in the beginning, I’ve come to rely on Christopher Zoukis as an integral part of my prison support team. Whenever a problem presents itself he’s there and always seems to know what to do. I don’t know how I could have made it through federal prison without him.” — Allan F., Kansas

“For almost four years I was at the same federal prison as Christopher, and witnessed his relentless work ethic, his passion for pursuing justice for fellow inmates, and his ambition to be the best at what he does. Whether it’s understanding the best arguments to fight a disciplinary shot, finding specific information amongst a myriad program statements, or the countless questions and situations inmates face, Chris has consistently been far and away the most effective guide.” — Ben F., M.D., Massachusetts

“I came to federal prison at the age of 21. I was scared, lost and ignorant of the ins and outs of prison life. For several years Christopher Zoukis was my source of support and advice. Not one to shy away from conflict, he went to bat for me with inmates and staff alike. His tireless dedication and expert counsel allowed me to build a life behind bars.” — Alieta I., Idaho.

“Chris Zoukis provided me with valuable insights to the federal prison system. As a new arrival, I needed guidance navigating myself through a new, and often harsh, environment. He provided me with the tools and direction to find my way.” — Dave E., M.D., Nevada

“For five years I relied on Christopher Zoukis’ expert legal counsel whenever an issue arose. His knowledge of Federal Bureau of Prisons policy is extensive and his ability to make otherwise immovable bureaucrats move has no equal. Time and time again he opened doors for me that had been closed. He was and is a staunch and passionate advocate and defender.” — Lily H., California

“When it comes to defending against unjust disciplinary action, Chris Zoukis is the best there is. He prepared me for each and every hearing, helped me to build a defense, and handled all of my appeals. The truly amazing part is that we won! Over the span of three years he managed to overturn seven incident reports for me. He really is the best!” — Mike J., West Virginia

“Chris Zoukis has been a constant source of reliable, timely information on life inside federal prison and FBOP policy. With his guidance I’ve managed to carve out a bearable life, even while in prison. This is much more than I can say for others who have not had the benefit of Chris’ counsel.” — Mike M., Illinois

“I have known Mr. Zoukis for two years since being incarcerated in FCI Petersburg and in that time he has shown himself to be a rare light for many inmates facing dark times in their current situation. He is friendly, approachable and always conducts himself in a professional manner. He has been hugely helpful to me, resolving several legal issues I have faced and, thus, I would highly recommend his services to anyone who requires legal assistance and advice within the federal (U.S.) prison system.” — Simon M., Kingston, United Kingdom

“As an incarcerated sex offender, prison has not always been as pleasant as one could hope. This is doubly true when dealing with prison psychologists who seem more inclined to trample on rights rather than render treatment. Whether dealing with fellow prisoners or staff, Christopher Zoukis has been a staunch advocate for me. There is no one who knows prisoner rights like he does.” — Josh C., Washington State

“During my time in federal prison I came to rely on Mr. Zoukis’ depth of understanding and experience whenever dealing with prison officials. Whether fighting incident reports, overturning a TRULINCS email ban, or seeking a better prison work assignment, he’s who I turned to each and every time.” — Brian G., Virginia


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