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The Correspondence Department provides directed study opportunities for students whose responsibilities prohibit their being enrolled for regular classes on campus.  Image courtesy

Students who are considering a correspondence course option should realize that self-discipline is required. Students must set aside time for study. Correspondence courses seek to develop individual study techniques that will continue to be a source of enrichment for the student.
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About the Correspondence Program

Many of the courses have been developed by our faculty, and some have been prepared by the International Correspondence Institute. All courses are reviewed and graded by our faculty.

The material for each course varies.   Course material consists of one or more of the following items: lessons, study guide, textbook, student packet, progress evaluations, or audio cassettes.

The final exam is sent separately to an approved proctor. It is a major portion of the grade in most courses.
Admission Requirements

Correspondence Department admission requirements include:

  1. Completion of high school or GED program and submission of high school transcript or GED certificate with scores.
  2.  OR, a high school student must have permission from his/her high school counselor and have an ACT score of 19 in the related subject area.
  3.  OR, a student from another college or university must submit a letter of good standing or an official transcript from the institution he or she is presently attending.
  4.  Submit a completed application for admission.
  5.  Submit a completed correspondence course order form and make payment for all materials required for the course.


Transcripts are not sent automatically at the conclusion of a course.   A student may obtain a copy of his or her transcript by sending a written request with signature to:

Central Baptist College
Registrar’s Office
1501 College Avenue
Conway, AR 72034

(501) 205-8922
Fax (501) 329-2941

Contact Information

Central Baptist College
1501 College Avenue
Conway, Arkansas 72034

voice: (501) 329-6872
fax: (501) 329-2941

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