Prison Life | How to Survive Prison

Prison Life | How to Survive Prison

Prison Life | How to Survive Prison


For those faced with the possibility of a term of imprisonment, life can feel like as if is falling apart; as though the world is crashing down and there is nowhere to turn. In an effort to help relieve some of this fear and anxiety, we have crafted a guide that teaches you how to survive prison. Our objective was to answer all of those questions about what prison life is like. This survival guide to prison should do just that. Allow us to help you on your prison journey. All you have to do is scroll down this page to find links to detailed and trustworthy information about prison life and how to survive prison.


If you are interested in receiving personalized assistance with prison preparation, please take a minute to read our prison consulting services page, as well as our prison preparation, in-prison matters, reentry services, and family member assistance pages. You can also read more about our consulting fees. If, after doing so, you find that you would like to hire the Zoukis Consulting Group, please email or call 843-620-1100. Do note that we also offer a simple, single-issue service where we will answer your questions on a single topic for only $150. For those who only have a limited issue or question, this can be an economical solution to obtaining quick, expert advice.

How to Survive Prison: Our Approach to Understanding Prison Life


At the Zoukis Consulting Group, our approach to prison preparation is to build an informational foundation from which good decisions can be made in the prison context. The problem is that it takes time and experience to develop the ability to make good decisions in prison. In order to fast-track this process, it is vital that you read as much quality information as you can about prison life before you enter. That is where this survival guide to prison comes into play.


A great initial example concerns how to greet cellmates for the first time. A novice who has no experience in such matters runs the risk of offending their cellmates, and thereby their cellmates' friends, by not handling the situation with some tact. But if you spend the time to learn about this before entering prison, you will know what to do, what not to do, and how best to proactively manage problematic areas. By putting in the time now in learning how to survive prison, your prison life will be far less eventful and you'll be able to sidestep issues before they even present themselves.


Whether you hire us to help get you ready for prison, read the Federal Prison Handbook, or simply read the materials in our survival prison guide, you will be much better prepared for what is to come. Take our word for it: spend the time now to alleviate potential issues down the road. If you treat prison preparation as a job, your prison life will be much better and easier when you enter the prison gates.


Prisons Life: Why You Should Hire the Zoukis Consulting Group


When considering resources to help you learn how to survive prison, it is important to rely on a trustworthy and authoritative source of information. Christopher Zoukis, our firm's Managing Director, has been a leader in federal prison information for the better part of a decade. Chris is the author of the Federal Prison HandbookPrison Education Guide, and College for Convicts. He has been quoted in the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Detroit Free Press on federal prison matters. In addition to this, he has helped countless clients over the past decade with preparing for prison, resolving problems in prison, and successfully reentering society after a term of imprisonment. When it comes to prison life and how to survive prison, there is no better guide than Chris and the Zoukis Consulting Group.


There is no need to remain anxious or afraid, email or call 843-620-1100 to speak with a federal prison consultant today about how to survive prison.


How to Prepare for Prison

How to Prepare for Prison


First Day in Federal Prison

First Day in Federal Prison

Admissions and Orientation

How to Greet Cellmates

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Prison Life

What Do You Eat in Prison

Prison Showers and Toilets

Laundry, Clothing, and Bedding

Prison Commissary

Religion in Prison

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Inmate Counts

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Inmate Work Assignments

Education in Prison

Recreation in Prison

Radios and MP3 Players in Prison

Electronic Law Library

The Black Market in Prison

Alcohol and Drugs in Prison

Violence and Sexual Assault in Prison


Communicating with the Outside World

Communicating with the Outside World

Postal Mail

Legal Correspondence

Inmate Telephones Inmate Email

Inmate Visitation

How to Send Money to Inmates


Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness in Prison

Medical and Dental Care in Prison

Psychology Services in Prison


Special Prison Survival Tactics

Special Prison Survival Tactics

LGBT Inmates Survival Tactics

Female Prisoners

Sex Offender Survival Tactics


For more information about prison life and how to prepare for prison, please email or call 843-620-1100. Our team of experienced prison consultants stand ready to assist you in your time of need.