Prison education is an interesting and very newsworthy topic, and has been interviewed by several international media outlets. On this page you will find links to some of our different media interviews discussing prison education and related topics. For more media coverage of Christopher Zoukis, Click Here.

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Interview with The Cost of Debt in Prison

In this June 14, 2017 interview, Christopher Zoukis talks about the prison economy: the loan sharks you’ll meet behind bars, what happens to you if you can’t pay your debts, the currency prisoners come up with and the most important lessons life behind bars teaches you about finance in the real world.

Hear the full interview.

Interview with KBOO fm about Federal Prison Handbook

On May 25, 2017, Christopher Zoukis was interviewed by KBOO fm radio host Amy Johnson about his new book, the Federal Prison Handbook.

Q: Could you start by telling me about your book?

A: When I came to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, when I was first charged with a crime, I had no real experience with criminal justice issues in any way shape or form. So I went looking for maybe a book or information out there that could help me understand the process, and there wasn’t anything. I mean, there were a few little things here and there, but nothing that was very visible or very informative. So my goal was to create a book that would be able to answer the questions for people who its the first time entering the system.

Hear the full interview here.

AM 640 Jeff McArthur Show

Jeff McArthur of Talk Radio AM640 interviews College for Convicts author Christopher Zoukis.

88.9 WERS Discussion on Merits of Prison Education

Harvard debates the value of education in prison. Is the cost too high? What is the benefit long term? These are questions addressed in this debate.

CKNW Simi Sara Show- Writing from Behind Bars segment

Simi Sara talks with incarcerated writer, Christopher Zoukis, about his experience writing behind bars and the importance of prioritizing education in prison.

Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch

Catey Hill discusses the lack of financial literacy education in prison and the issues relating to it.

Read: How Prison Inmates Learn About Money

Vice. U.S.

Aviva Stahl discusses transgendered prisoners and their experiences behind bars.

Read: The Uphill Battle to Make Prison Safer for Trans Women


Victoria Law writes about the treatment of transgendered prisoners and the many areas the current prison system needs to work on.

Read: Despite Advances, the Trans Struggle for Justice Behind Bars Is Just Beginning


Christopher Zoukis writes about the lack of right to vote in prison. While felon voting varies state to state most felons lose their right to vote when they are incarcerated. It is also possible even after they have been released, and are functioning members of society once again, that the right to vote will not be given back to them. Zoukis discusses how this is a determent to society and the individual and what is going on right now to try to change it.

Read: People Convicted of Felonies Must Be Granted the Vote